U2 hang glider salt water damage

Wills Wing and Moyes hang glider repair and maintenance in Pacifica, CA

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Sail-Off Inspections

“Just wanted to say thank you one more time. I didn’t have much time to speak with you yesterday as I was itching to get into the iar. I wanted to say the glider flew beautifully and I had a great time. Nice work.” – Dave Jacob

Rate: $300 for Falcon, $400 all other gliders.

A sail-off inspection is mandatory after major structural damage, or after enough whacks, or simply after enough regular flying. Wills Wing recommends it once a year.

It involves pulling the sail completely off the frame and inspecting:

  • Bolts – bends, corrosion
  • Nylon Washers – wear
  • Metal Washers – bends
  • Frame Tubing – dents, bends
  • Battens – symmetry
  • Lock Nuts – replace as needed
  • Flying Wires – bends or broken strands
  • VG Ropes – fraying
  • VG System Bearings – rust
  • Aluminum Fittings – bends
  • Batten Strings – wear
  • Tip Wands – cracks or wear
  • Sail – tears and wear points

When everything is good, the sail is re-assembled on the frame. I do a test flight at Funston after a sail off inspection, to be sure I’m giving you an airworthy glider back.

crushed downtube from hang glider crash
complete sail off hang glider inspection

Poor Man’s Inspection

hang glider inspection

Rate: $90

If I’m around and you want me to look at something, I’ll take a look at no charge like any pilot would.

If it’s more involved, I can do a shorter inspection, checking the most important things and common spots of damage and bag it back up without taking the sail off.

Repairs & Maintenance

damaged hang glider sidewire tang

Rate: $70/hr

New wires, broken leading edges, downtubes, VG replacement, etc. I can quote you a flat rate for each job.

Sail Repairs

torn Dacron hang glider sail in need of repair

I coordinate with a local professional who does sail repairs. If it’s a tiny rip or puncture in an area that won’t keep tearing, I apply reinforced sail tape appropriate for the material.


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