Replacement Sail Installation

JUNE ONLY – 10% off a new glider, or 15% off a new sail!

replacement hang glider sail installation

Instead of getting a new glider, replacing a worn-out sail is cost-effective if the frame is in good shape. It’s like getting a brand new glider for half the cost. (see prices here)

Wills Wing will make new sails for some modern-ish models out of production such as the Falcon 3, Sport 2, and T2 .

A Moyes Litespeed S (2006 or newer) or RS can be upgraded to an RX!

Before ordering a new sail, I do a sail-off inspection to ensure the frame looks good and to identify any parts that should be replaced to make the VG and everything else feel brand new. Parts will be ordered with the sail.

This is a good time to address key maintenance items, which I can do at half the normal rate:

  • new bottom side wires
  • new hang loop
  • VG service

During the new sail installation I adjust things as needed to make sure it’s perfect. There can be small variations in sails due to the sailcloth or design changes, and I have a good feel for what the leading edge tension should be set to, as well as the battens tension and other parts.

When it’s all done I do a test flight at Funston.


or call David Kiesling 510-754-6842